Tales of symphonia knights of ratatoskr-8877



It is not known when Amanda was born and when she died, but we do know that the place was near Philadelphia. From her first walking days, she already showed everyone that her fate was to be a fighter. When she went to kindergarden for the first time, some kids started making fun of her purple eyes and called her a Purple-Demon. That was her nick name untill she started middle school at 12. Everyone knew the "Purple-Demon" and called her that, even the teachers. Everyone, even her parents, soon forgot her normal name. Then, one day in September 15th, a new boy joined the school - he was 13. His name was Robert, and when Amanda saw him, she fell in love. For a couple of weeks, she and Robert were the best of friends. But one day, she and he were sitting on a tree and he suddenly said "Hey, Purple-Demon, I never thought you were so naive!" and pushed her of the tree. After that, her nickname lost sense. She became the most angry girl in the whole school. If a kid came up to her and called her the nickname, he was making a mistake. After a second, he would already lie on the ground with scratches and stuff, crying. Soon, everyone dropped the nick name "Purple-Demon" and called her "Denda".