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Role-Playing Gym

Role-Playin' Gym

Hello people! Thanks for visiting the wiki Role-Playin' Gym! This is a wiki just for entertainment, so you're allowed to play around with creating pages and stuff - just remember that when you create a character, don't forget to add [this user belongs to: <insert name here> ]. In addition, if you are a good coder, don't hesitate to help us out with this wiki! By the way... have fun editing~!

SImple StuffEdit

Since you may Role-Play on this wiki, it is simple to describe! Just add a page and describe your character there! You may let others people use your character or make him/her your property by writing this at the end or the beggining of the page:

This Character Belongs to: (type your username or put a signature here)

Simple, huh? Then, just ask someone to RP with you and go on chat~!

BUT. If you want to get deeper into a roleplay, you may create a page where the roleplay can be recorded - just don't forget to write the name of your roleplay and the roleplayers.


This wiki's content should be normal for 13+ but 17- teens. So, nothing too mature here. That means, you can have gay/lesbian love, but nothing that escalates beyond kissing and hugging. Same goes for normal romance players. PS: You can have that in PM, but not in public. Also, violence shouldn't be too much descriptive.

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