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Ravenal is from a wealthy German family of Helsings. Since young age though, she, her twin brother - Connor, and their mother traveled the world gathing information on Alchemy and Magic. Their travels continuted until both kids were 13 of age and had to go the special school for 'freaks' like them who could perform Alchemy and Magic. Ravenal was sorted into the Crimson Eyed Wolf Dormitory, but her brother, who had a very different personality than Ravenal, was sorted into the Cyan Working Horse Dormitory. This event put the siblings on different side of the 'battlefield' which led to them arguing and getting into fights all the time.

In addition to Connor, Ravenal also has 3 younger siblings - Annabel, Alegra, and Alice (since Ravenal and Connor are both 15, Annabel, Alegra, and Alice are 5).


Ravenal has golden blond hair that reaches her elows when loose, but since she usually does physical work, her hair is made into a stern braid. She is also very pale, and her cautious yellow eyes can look into the darkest secrets of your soul.

Ravenal also has an automail arm - she was born without it, but she isn't embarrased to show it off. Usually, Raven (her nickname), wears a black tank top, black leather pants with a dirty, old belt, a black short jacket, and black shoes. On top of these, she wears a knee long trench coat with a hood.


Even though Raven doesn't look it, she's quite shy. She may act cool in front of older guys, teachers, and bullies, but inside she's dying of either embarrassment or anxiety. She is also very collected during awkward and scary occassions, and is known for making right decisions at the first try. In addition, Raven is a good battle leader.

Additional InformationEdit

Position in the Crimsod Eyed Wolf DormitoryEdit

Raven is the alpha of the Crimsod Eyed Wolf Dormitory, which means that she controls everyone in that Dermitory. She also makes battle plans when fighting with other Dormitories (Cyan Working Horse Dormitory, Emerald Colored Dolphin Dormitory, and Silver Tongued Cat Dormitory).


It is a well known fact that Ravenal is perfect with fire alchemy. She is also a great shot, and is very good at dodging hits and running away.

Greatest FoeEdit

Connor Hatter Helsing

Animal FormsEdit

1. An eagle with golden eyes and wings, and a black black with crimson claws.

2. A silver wolf with golden eyes.

3. A black and green snake.