1. Dont vandalize other people's Character pages (delete, change etc).

2. Caps are allowed but try to keep them to a minumum.

3. Respect other users, no insulting.

4. When talking out of character talk in ().

5. Its recommended to talk with your character's name first than his actions so we know when you're talking IC or OOC. Example: Mitsubi:*sits on a rock*

6. Don't add perverted images/gifs of men/women.

7. Don't use 18+ words

8. No mature roleplays allowed.

9. Do not spam - this means repeating something over and over and over again. This floods the chat, which causes for it to run slower. After 3 warnings you will be kicked, then banned for a needed amount of time.

10. Too much trolling will result in a kick from chat.

Chat Mods and AdminsEdit

These are the current Chat Mods:

  • Alex Mustang
  • Hell Dog

There are the current Admins:

  • PrinceKakarotSS3
  • DarkSaiyanMitsubi
  • AmandaDark

Rules to Chat Mods and AdminsEdit

1. Always give at least 3 warnings, then kick.

2. If the person continues misbehaving give another 3 warnings, if they are ignored, the person will be banned.

3. If a person is spamming, he may be banned for a day at first. Then 3 days. Then a week.

4. If a person is trolling he may be kicked after 3 warnings, then banned for an hour or two.

5. If a person is insulting, he will be kicked after 3 warnings, then banned for a week. Then 2 weeks. Then a month.

More Information May Be Added Later.